We called him Fishy

Never really knew him well

Dropped out of a hand that

 would've ate him so well.

Fishy landed on the asphalt

Orange fins for all to see

Wasn't gonna happen, so I

 took a knee.

"Stay with me lil buddy."

I said pumpin his pumpkin colored


We son't want to lose you

That's when my friend, dropped

down to breathe slow.

I said "Someone get me a bowl!"

But it was too late

Fishy met his fate on the mean

streets of Tucson.

SP 2017

Gentle Dental

This is a seriously funny piece of true fiction. I was on a working vacation. Had to get away from the home office you know, same difference. Seems many of you appear to me to be clearly confused already. 

Anywho, I was just a bit more baffled when I wondered into the lost and found and found missing student teacher Constance Chance. Oooh she looked like the living dead. I mean she was pretty ugly. To be deceptively honest, I'd say she was a definite maybe. But then she took off her plastic glasses revealing her unibrow butt face. It was on before it was off.

Well, this impossible solution solved itself and soon we were all alone together. Controlled chaos turned into cool passion. I tried to act naturally when I started getting a little bigger. down stairs. Bitter sweet, my confidence wavered. Barely dressed and growing smaller, I let out a silent scream and my negative growth-giant dwarf dong became old news when I saw... the spork.

Half naked Constance had a bag of loosely sealed plastic silverware and another of jumbo shrimp on dry ice with freezer burn. She was obviously an advanced beginner as the precooked raw shrimp were terribly good and complimented quite nicely the flying fish we  caught. For some reason, it seemed our impromptu picnic predicament was turning out to be one heck of a fine mess.

I knew she was going to stay when she gave me an exact estimate of her negative income. She told me she played bass guitar and, as an openly deceptive resident alien, it was my only choice to put her in my one man band Not Here. You'd think we'd get a lot more gigs. People are always looking for us especially since we got the outfield from Who's on First, Why and Because to open up.

Constance expressed a definite maybe and we took a calculated risk. A small crowd began to gather together.  When the music started, there was deafening silence,  then a loud whisper and finally a dull roar that first encore on stage. Even though I wasn't there with Not Here or her. I heard it through the Grape Vine - They were back stage. I asked why a song is a they and he said Because had invited them to the after party... Whaaa?

As event full as it was, I dont doubt the events of this evening will make future history. It was a minor miracle which caused Constance to get a little pregnant. And no easy task getting on stage with our bellies half full of fish. Freaking Why caught a fly ball backstage from I don't know, it was all Because.  Not here was going nowhere, until magic realism stole the show. It was awfully good and almost all of it was recorded live.  I believe have the original copy. I must have misplaced it somewhere in virtual reality though. You should check it out. It's seriously funny.

Cloud? That's not where you store stuff

that's me

I'm Here! Up here fucking around doing cloud stuff.

...No, I'm not an angel, spirit, entity or otherwise.

Just me, I'm cool, not so much down to Earth though. I float, I don't fly and if I did I wouldn't go Virgin if you know what I mean...Cloudwink.

Most days I just condense and observe

I wonder what dirt feels like...

Does dirt think about me?

Well, gotta go, you know... wind.

2004 SP

*All works are exclusive property of the author and protected under copyright law.

So Halloween is upon us again and with it, some of my favorite haunts and some new blood...

Witch Hunter

Darkest clouds cover black sky cries

Deepest Fears Real

Now you'll know fear

Afraid to cry out

Rabbit scared Run

This is the End

Not like the doors

or green broom riding bitches

Four Horseman Fairytale

You'll never find my Evil

In you comfy slumber I design

My reign is of Pain

Bloodstained shadows will Nightmare

You to me

And I kill Ghosts

The Bong grommet

Somebody wanted me to tell them the story of the Bong Grommet. If you don't know what the Bong Grommet is, well you'd better sit back, put your feet up and listen to this cause it's fucking gonna get under your skin man. It's sick. The Bong Grommet started a long long time ago, in a place far far away... (tune in next week for part 2.)

The Bong Grommet came into exsistence a long, long time ago when the Two Hells collided and there was a great crevice in the Earth. The Bong Grommet crawled and scraped his way to the surface covered in soot and ash, the blackest pitch you will never see. The Bong Grommet lived in death for the first time.  (stay tuned for pt3)

[part 3]

Oh yeah, she stayed with me, but who but you

was watching from the corner

Horror haunter, dream daunting, heart breaking dust buster

Messy missed muster of evil.

Fellowship not giving a shit except...oh wee ho, oh oh oh

 Gettin' you high forget the hearse cause I'll never die

Beware the Bong Grommet

...cause I'm back yes I'm back, well I'm back.

Halloween 2022

...funny you should ask.

On the front of my car, I've got some teeth and I've got Jason's mask. 

Should you see it nightmare black on black, run run away, never look back!

See every year about this time

I get a lil itch in this craw of mine

Kind of gotta have it habit of slice and dice

Chop you up in itty bitty pieces, bones brains and all- feed you to the mices. Then I'll feed the mice to the snake, and the snake to the birds. By this time you'll be two or three kinds of turds. Bird to the cat, cat to the dog, dog to the pen food for the hogs. 

Now off we go to the house of slaughter. Makin some bacon - just you for your daughter. 

Look at this shit, she licked her plate clean. 

Ate you all up like Sizzlean. All in all, seems kind of mean.

Well,here's a thought: Slicing and dicing that's just the plot. Feeding loved ones to one another, that's the whole theme...and where I get off it is Halloween!


Shutterpoet doesn't sleep or pretend. Loves all. Won't quit. Ever fornever. Tearing pages daily...keep up, Its worth the while. 

"What I once was showed me where I should be. What I am now is a result of that pursuit. Where I will be, is where I once was before I knew I was supposed to be there."



Breathe easy, the sun has already risen and the glory of a new day is just a blanket toss away.  Warmth loves you and grace has left you an offering well worthy of the taking.  Blessed vision shows you how beautiful everything is.  Ignorant, you fail to realize that it’s just a reflection of you.  Your heart warms with correct intention  naturally content and child-ly unaware, forces guide all you are before you’ve been.  Nice pretty, ballet-like, youu move amazingly naïve. You’re perfect in every your way because you’re you.  From a distance closer, I see all you never seek in self.  Smells pretty good doesn’t it?  The sound of love.  It’s all of us.

Knock Knock

Who's there


Me who

Stop crying

I'm not crying-

How do you know? 

Maybe you are...inside


Revealed when all is wrong and tainted by misdoings

Stained wretched portrait better left as clean canvas

Trembling hand collects upon the brush

Only the dull and saddened tones of failure

Vacant is the pallette of those brilliant

The eye-dazzling parade of breathing color lay dormant

Buried beneath grey-blues and horrid hues of nightmare black guilt

Pitiful stroke curses the canvas again and again

Blobs, goo-drips and negligent runs left to unveil  expressionless-dying ghost

Darkened smear martyred image of self

Forever forced without will, captive hatred in tow

Beaten sorrowful portrait emerges.

A scornful brow hardens and pushes one from closed eye

To leave in the lower right would acknowledge

To leave unsigned would be admission

Four to Three

Once we played in sandboxes naive

Cross school yard we teased to impress

I was skinny and you ate clay

Where are you now princess of every dawn?

Where do I go? To drown you in passion and love you 'till I end.

We can still play in the sand

and Ill push while you swing

and I'll wipe when you tear

and I'll hold when you're scared

I'll love you forever

Since they day that they made us

I was four and you were three.

I won't hold my last breath for you

I'll go

And so I'll never bite your lip again

Squeeze you hard enough to cry

Tear-fall from your eye

Scream I love you 

Because I do

I'll go

With or without you



written pages, and all I want is to write something beautiful...smells like baby hair, feels like too long a hug, lasts like true love, and matters like nothing ever before. Beautiful like you, like this.

Sometimes, time is when you have to be silent. Whisper wish away all painful portrait of pain. Smell of apple, infants hair, or her. Should ghost- invisible, still inside provokes, pledges silent nights of which will never come. Closure comes with failed heart dying breath, and love you always I will.